Christmas Calendar

Christmas Calendar 1.0

An Advent Calendar with Windows jokes


  • Original widget calendar
  • Great for holidays


  • A bit strange


The Christmas Calendar widget is probably the weirdest Advent Calendar I've come across to date. Instead of showing a different part of the Nativity each day it will bring up a special Windows jokes, with 24 in total. Try clicking on a future date and the widget will show the picture of a cat warning you not to open up boxes before the given date.

Even if somewhat strange, the Christmas Calendar widget is on the whole pretty funny. Having an Advent Calendar on your desktop will also bring back some nice memories to some people. Also, as a widget, it really is quite unobtrusive and you can immediately close it once you've opened up the box for the day.

The Christmas Calendar widget is an original Advent Calendar with Windows jokes for each day.

This is a Christmas Calendar widget for Mac OS X 10.4. (Tiger). It contains 24 "Windows jokes" - one behind every door - until Christmas Eve! In other words: '24 Reasons why you are glad you've got a mac'!

If you try to open a door too early you'll see the cat image and the number of days you still have to wait. There is a "Show Anyway" - Button, but I trust you not to use it.
There is an image of my favorite door below, so if you want to be surprised, please scroll down only for 3 images.

Christmas Calendar


Christmas Calendar 1.0

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